vrijdag 5 november 2010

L'oreal paris True Match foundation

Because it's so empty now, I'm posting my first official blog for you ^^

Allright, I'm always afraid for choosing the wrong collor foundation ore looking fake ore something. I've tried this one in the shop and I liked it. Because it's called True Match I thought, allright maby this is something for me. I need something with heavy coverage without looking fake, because my skin is really shit of acne and stuff like that, it's getting better and better but those red place are dissapearing so freaking slowly!

So, this is a close up of my skin with nothing on, no one wants to go out like that...

And this is the flacon, it's made of glass. Not so great, if you're in the batroom, and you let it fall it's broken I think. It's not really thin but I'm not gonna try that! It has a nice pump thingie so you can work clean.
I think this foundation has a nice texture, it's soft and smooth and really good blendable. I've got this one in the collor C2 vanilla rose. *left one with flash right one without*

Ýou don't need much for your whole face and you can easy build up layers if you like to.

As you can see, it's not so much difference for me, I always use an concealer and a powder for more coverage. Maby it's looking a tiny bit orange, but that will dissapear with a bit of powder, I've bought this one in the summer, so maby it's a tiny bit to dark for me now.

It's not 100% sharp sorry. But this is even a bit better huh? I will not buy this one agian, I will have one with a higher coverage. But if you don't need that, you can try this one, because it's not like fake looking ore somehing, and I think that's really important. I also have the idea that it's even looking better after a bit of time, look, this next photo i've made after I came back from school. It looks like it's even matching better with my skin tone now. *yess my eye make- up is a little messed up*

I don't think i've more to tell about this product ^^ maby this is not a really good post but yeah, I will try to post every day, and always something else, so tomorrow no make-up, maby I nice drawing site I found ;-)


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